CASE STUDY: My Home Power
Bank Made From Used Laptop Batteries

Have you heard about the latest technology for home power backup?

Tesla Company released a big home power bank called Tesla Powerwall. It's a great product, the downside: it's expensive and hard to acquire even if you have the cash.

In this free case study, I tell you how I got started to recycle used laptop batteries, used in building my Powerwall for home backup, and for reducing my power bill.

  • What batteries can be recycled
  • How to find cheap battery sources
  • Tools list that you need to get started
  • What benefits I got from this setup

Michael Morris

car electrical mechanic

I’ve always dreamed for an entire home UPS, a tragedy which happened during a blackout a few years ago made me seek for a solution, and I have found it. Now I want to share it with everyone.

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